Nafir sketches by Karim Rashid

“I wanted to create a functional product that was part sculpture, that was truly beautiful even with the lights off, that would allow beguiling combinations capable of creating a fantastic panorama of lights and shapes”. Karim Rashid.

“Volevo creare un prodotto funzionale che fosse in parte scultura, che fosse bellissimo anche a luci spente, che permettesse dei raggruppamenti organici in grado di creare un fantastico panorama di luce e forma”. Karim Rashid.
Project: Karim Rashid


New powder Dye for dry-stacking installations

With a dry-stacking installation of dark models, the use of light-coloured adhesive will be obvious between joints, giving an uneven effect of depth.
To avoid this, Geopietra has created a new powder dye to be mixed in measured amounts into a bag of Geocoll, which is available in 2 colours: black and brown.