Herz accumulator
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The accumulators can be with puffer, boiler or water modules. They allow the production of domestic hot water and with simple accessories can be connected to heat pumps or solar systems. Due to the minimum temperatures in the heating circuits, HERZ offers a tank for hot water with a higher calorific value. The foamed heat exchanger achieves greater heat transfers and makes this hot water tank the ideal solution for low energy consumption houses or heat pumps. Inertial puffers are suitable for all central heating systems (technical water heating). While the cold water station makes it possible, efficient and hygienic, to heat drinking water during mixing.

The HERZ accumulators and cold water systems can have two-zone accumulators, in the case of water modules the tanks can range from 300 to 1000 liters. In the case of accumulators the tanks vary from 200 to 5000l liters. In the case of modules for cold water, a storage tank is also not required.