Office with Lignotrend acoustic panels
Acoustic panels

The company Lignotrend, thanks to the use of cross-laminated wood develops innumerable construction components capable of satisfying the various design requirements. Even the acoustic panels are made with the cross-laminated wood system.

LIGNO Akustik sound absorbing acoustic panels are made of real solid wood. The exposed surface is made with the characteristic slat geometry and can be made in multiple essences such as white fir without knots, larch, oak beech and many others; The beauty of real wood surfaces without knots allows the creation of prestigious and contemporary architectures. Behind the exposed surface are hidden acoustic fiber absorbers that guarantee an acoustic absorption coefficient of up to 0.9 αw. LIGNO Akustik can also be used in public environments such as gyms, schools, exceeding the requirements of fire reaction class according to European regulations. There are many applications of LIGNO Akustik light, it is possible to create false ceilings, walls, impact walls, boiserie and acoustic islands. For LIGNO Akustik light panels, even the application in environments subject to high humidity such as swimming pools, is not a problem. The high degree of sustainability and wholesomeness of the Made of Ligno® elements is guaranteed by the exclusive voluntary Natureplus certification.