Acqua di Puglia

Via Immacolata, 42, 73046 Matino LE, Italia

Acqua di Puglia was born as a lifestyle based on specific values, such as: authenticity, elegance, uniqueness and simplicity, shared by Massimo (The architect), Laura (support to the architect) and their daughter Silvia, who carefully created the logo, gave born to the brand and deal with public relation and manage the brand communication. Acqua di Puglia is not a common agency or  a construction company, but a brand fleshed out to a strong passion for renovation, conservation and redevelopment of the unique Apulian scenery, able to offer rare beauties even in its most remote corner. Acqua Di Puglia searches, finds and wisely selects amazing properties immersed in the smallest historical centers or lost on the coast of Salento giving them a new life. Thanks to the skilled local workers coordinated by a very professional technical  office, the creations of Acqua di Puglia turn out to be beautiful homes characterized by a rural-chic style. The result is unbelievable: refined and elegant houses able to distinguish themselves from the classical renovated house. Their uniqueness hugely increases the invested capital not only in the long term, with exclusive rentals, but also with immediate buying and selling operations. Furthermore, the properties can be transformed into small luxury hotels with locations for special and private events