Adjustment and control
Adjustment | Herz

The increase in regulatory and control functions have led to a control system, which coordinates the individual processes and consequently optimizes their energy supply. In this way the functioning and the functions of each component are connected and therefore there is a high number of possible combinations and the systems can be connected together with any application or network. It is therefore possible to have a control unit for the entire domestic system, taking advantage of an optimized planning system, which therefore also optimizes the combustion system. All this guarantees a comfortable management of the room temperature, even remotely.

With the T-Control color touch-screen display, in addition to boiler operation, you can also adjust the thermal circuit, the boiler, the accumulator and the solar system. Through the practical menu guide and the easy arrangement of the screens you can see the various components for a high ease of use. With the HERZ BioControl 3000 control unit it is possible to manage the heating circuits, the boiler, the accumulator and the solar circuit allowing the modular control installed also together with the individual components. With Cascade Management, again through the BioControl 3000 control unit, more boilers can be connected. The advantage of this type of connection lies in the efficient use of the boiler in moments of minor heat demands.