Allplan Architecture
Allplan Architecture

Allplan Architecture is the ideal BIM solution that guarantees architects maximum creative freedom and optimal project control. The software was conceived and developed for architectural design in detail, guaranteeing unmatched information quality. Allplan Architecture is a universal BIM tool for building design and construction. Thanks to the direct connection to Bimplus, the cloud-based Open BIM platform, Allplan Architecture is a complete BIM solution.

Allplan Architecture offers multiple high-performance tools for rapid model creation, visualization and document production. The strength of Allplan Architecture is the precision in all phases of design and construction and its reliability within the metric calculation. The wide choice of interfaces allows extensive data exchange. The certified IFC format guarantees a smooth collaboration in the workflow with the design partners.


With Allplan Architecture you can create a realistic BIM model of your vision without any effort and associate all the necessary properties. The definition of the rooms and areas takes place in a practical and complete way, easily defining the wall, ceiling and floor coverings. Collaboration with design partners becomes more accurate thanks to the reliable exchange of models and properties.
You can also use Allplan Bimplus to add properties centrally and then use them in different systems and disciplines throughout the entire life cycle of the building. The combination of Allplan with the Open BIM platform Allplan Bimplus allows you to manage the exchange of information in BIM projects.

The BIM model quickly produces accurate and perfect drawings for each phase of the project.
Combining drawings, images and texts you get exceptional print tables, convincing presentations and impeccable technical analysis. Any changes made to the model are automatically reported in the associated drawings and related labeling.
Allplan Architecture offers a photorealistic view of the building model in real time. In this way you always have an immediate visual understanding, with the possibility of controlling the various views, the camera settings and the materials used. Thanks to MAXON's Cine Render, the powerful rendering engine integrated in Allplan, you can create professional renderings of the highest quality.

With the Allplan BIM model you can easily produce reports and calculations that serve as a basis for calculating costs and for tender documentation.
The metric calculation extracted from the BIM model is complete and the quantities of the components are produced quickly and reliably for costing. The calculation includes calculation demonstrations and illustrative graphs. The surfaces and the determined quantities can be printed in the form of cards including graphics, saved as PDF, Word or Excel files and transmitted to budgeting and accounting software.

Allplan Serviceplus customers can take advantage of the latest technology and use all the software features in the most efficient way. Whether it be administrators, architects or managers, the technical experts of our support staff are able to answer any question quickly, comprehensively and reliably. The Allplan Connect service portal also provides users with the expertise of the international Allplan community.