Allplan Engineering
Allplan Engineering

Allplan Engineering Building is the ideal BIM solution for structural engineers who do not accept compromises. The high performance of the software allows designers to create models, produce details on concrete reinforcement and generate boards in the same work environment.
Allplan Engineering Building is a powerful BIM tool optimized for engineering work processes and structural analysts involved in building design. Thanks to the direct connection to the Allplan Bimplus cloud-based Open BIM platform, Allplan Engineering Building offers a complete BIM solution.
The software helps reduce design and construction time and allows you to meet cost estimates. The base consists of a digital model from which the construction and reinforcement drawings are generated with sections, elevations and 3D views, as well as the quantities and the reinforcement lists. The model also serves as the basis for structural analysis.
Allplan Engineering Building simplifies and accelerates design and construction, reduces sources of error and leads to a better common understanding among all parties involved in the project.


With the Allplan Engineering Building it is possible to quickly combine drawings, calculations and bill of materials for armor, images and texts to obtain exceptional tables and presentations. Making changes in any position, either in the model, or in a particular view or section, all other drawings and associated reports update Immediately.
Allplan Engineering Building allows you to create a photorealistic view of the building model in seconds. This way you always have an immediate visual understanding that allows you to control the various views, camera settings and materials. Thanks to CineRender, the powerful CINEMA 4D rendering engine integrated in Allplan, you can create professional high-resolution renderings.

Thanks to the integration of Siemens Parasolid, the world's leading modeling engine, Allplan Engineering Building offers optimal performance and maximum design freedom for the realization of any organic form. You can also easily create new parametric objects starting from predefined basic building elements.
With Allplan Engineering the reinforcement executive is developed efficiently, thanks to a complete set of elements for the reinforcement: bars, standard and customized nets, as well as laying schemes and shaping lists according to national and international standards. The powerful functions for recognizing organic forms make even the most demanding reinforcement armor simple.

The metric calculation extracted from the 3D model is complete and the quantities of the components are produced quickly and reliably for costing. The calculation includes calculation demonstrations and illustrative graphs. The surfaces and the determined quantities can be printed in the form of cards including graphics, saved as PDF, Word or Excel files and transmitted to a software suitable for the management of tenders.
The combination of Allplan Engineering with the Allplan Bimplus Open BIM platform makes it easy to manage the exchange of information (eg costs) in BIM projects. You can use Allplan Bimplus to enrich the information model centrally and then use them in different systems and disciplines throughout the entire life cycle of the building.