Balcony with balustrade in Point Aluvetro glass
Balcony with balustrade in Point Aluvetro glass
Glass balustrades | Point

Aluvetro offers different lines of glass balustrades, suitably tested according to the most stringent standards. Among these lines we have the Point glass balustrade, which has a precise front slab installation, and is therefore visible.

The Point glass balustrade can be used both for interiors and for stairwells. Glass of different thickness can be used and obviously, like all the products that the company offers, there is the possibility of customizing the balustrade, through the optional choice of the handrail. As for the installation, it is easy to implement and the company provides a simple and clear description of all the various stages involved in the operation. The stud, which connects the glass and the concrete slab, has a diameter of 48 mm.