Building facade on which Serisolar sunscreen films were applied
Antisolar films

Thanks to the application of Serisolar antisolar films, the costs for the cooling system are significantly reduced as they limit the heat produced by solar radiation. The reduction of the greenhouse effect therefore allows a considerable energy savings. They are amortized Serisolar intervention over a maximum average time of 3 years. Another advantage of the film is the reduction of glare: with the uniform diffusion of the sunlight considerably reduces the glare effect and the reflection on the video terminals.

Sputtered antisolar films are used where the sunlight must be shielded while maintaining a good brightness. Neutral antisolar films are a technologically advanced product that can solve the greenhouse effect problem in shop display cases. Silver antisolar films are recommended for windows with problems of insolation, glare and overheating of the interior.

- películas antisolares Sputtered 
- neutral películas antisolares
- películas antisolares silver