Aran Cucine
Aran Cucine

Aran Cucine

Zona Industriale, Casoli 64032 Atri (TE) - Italia


Aran Cucine was founded by Renzo Castelli who at the age of twenty began to work in kitchens. Born as NewForm Cucine and became Aran Cucine in 2000, the transition from a small provincial company to a global company is rapid, while maintaining its production in the industrial area of ​​Atri, in Abruzzo. A solid and design-conscious company, it is constantly looking for quality materials, making each product the fusion of Made in Italy tradition and technology.

Designing a kitchen is not limited to a design process but aims to create a space where you can make people live. To do this, Aran Cucine uses innovative design, historic craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, cultivating the legacy of Italian know-how.

Empathy and identifying with the client and his desires is one of the company's values: attention to families through an attractive, varied and colorful range of kitchens.