Pratic awning on French doors by the pool

Awnings are the first project of the company Pratic since 1960, which extend outdoor technology, functionality and aesthetics. Starting with the first canopy, an awning designed for solar coverage in private verandas and shops as well as countless other models, constantly updated in the Pratic Concept workshop have been developed.

The awning with arms, which is enclosed in an elegant box when not in use, guarantees a remarkable surface covered by the sun with minimum encumbrances. A remote control or a smartphone controls the movement of the extension or inclination or even the LED lighting inserted in the box. The drop awning is the perfect model for creating privacy spaces, with excellent efficiency in all weather conditions. The various technologies allow the fabric to be tensioned in any opening position and rewound in the event of extremely bad weather conditions. Finally, the canopy awning is a timeless classic, patented since the 1960s but still chosen today for its simplicity and practicality. It is optimally resistant to atmospheric agents and there are several models, more rounded or linear, with different types of fabrics or aluminium structures.