Surface finishes

The MVB BAGATTINI company proposes countless solutions in the field of surface finishes and especially in those for floors that can be adapted to any customer need.

MVB BAGATTINI proposes different options according to the surface finishes that are desired. If you want the solid wood to have a smooth surface with a high resistance to abrasion, you can choose to use a finish with a quartz wear-resistant surface layer. If, on the other hand, you want to opt for a finish that looks like natural split stone, you can use solid stone with an irregular texture and a tapered perimeter, without chamfers and indented. For a surface with an elegant material appearance that also has superior slip resistance, you can opt for a hammering treatment, a treatment performed on the solid wood that brings out the valuable inert materials in the mixture. A different treatment is performed on the surfaces that you want to "antique", by trying to recreate the style of floors from the past: the tumbled surface assumes an irregular appearance with rounded edges and seems to have been crafted by time. If, on the other hand, the use is intended for the paving of parking lots of shopping centers and bike paths, it is particularly suitable to use sharp-edged screeds, which are characterized by the absence of the chamfer along the perimeter edges of the surface. In case you want more water filtering screeds, you can opt for the filtering screed. While, in the case of green flooring, the company offers the gridded screeds "green lawn" or "green block" are both single and double layer. Finally, there are also slabs with a split and luminescent surface: the first one is similar to the finish of stone and is particularly suitable to solve problems of transportation and stability of vehicles on steep slopes, while the second one is nothing but a natural photo-luminescent slab that can be used to highlight obstacles, parking lots or simply to customize the surface. MVB also has a range of slabs with a reinforced surface. Thanks to this last one, the company offers its customers wood, stone and marble flooring and even decorated ones, characterized by impermeability and high resistance to abrasion and slipping.