Ovoid tree house

A tree house with a light and elegant character. A curved building with elliptical windows

Baumraum studio designed a tree house in Lower Saxony near Bremen, which proved to be a challenge for designers and craftsmen, given the client's requirements for an unusual and comfortable home for the whole family

Oval-shaped meeting room

Oval-shaped meeting room. Special expansion of a German company headquarters

The innovative company "Waldfabrik", a manufacturer of timeless handcrafted wooden decorations based in Freudenstadt approached Baumraum studio to carry out a unique oval-shaped expansion of their meeting and relaxation building

Floating Sculpted Space. The bronze colored facade elegantly reflects the environment

Floating Sculpted Space. The bronze colored facade elegantly reflects the environment

The surroundings of Pond House, a project by Baumraum studio located near Osnabrück, Germany, are elegantly reflected in the bronze-colored stainless steel façade, which changes color depending on the surrounding lights


Black "jewel" among the trees. A panoramic refuge with a reflective façade

In a private garden on the German island of Usedom, Baumraum designed a tree house that is particularly attractive to its owners, with an unobstructed view of the landscape and a highly reflective blackened stainless steel facade

Semicircular house among the trees

Semicircular house among the trees. An oak and an alder tree frame the project

In Osnabrück, in the V-shaped space between an alder tree and an oak, Baumraum studio designed a tree house next to a small stream, open to the south-west and with a view of trees and greenery, with large windows and two terraces

Tree house in wood

Treehouse in an urban setting. A regenerating place in vibrant Berlin

The "Urban Treehouse", conceived by the German studio Baumraum, is an experimental project based on a family initiative, with the aim of promoting new construction projects in harmony with nature even in urban contexts such as those of the city of Berlin