Pre-assembled formwork blocks
Pre-assembled formwork blocks

The Bioisotherm company proposes the Argisol modular construction system, a series of pre-assembled formwork blocks thanks to which it is possible to create load-bearing walls in reinforced concrete cast in situ, thermally insulated and ready for the final finish.

For the construction of the Argisol construction system, two Neopor expanded polystyrene variable thickness slabs, spaced by galvanized sheet brackets, guarantee the formwork seal when pouring concrete. The various elements that make up the range, such as corners, lintels, closing inserts, are manually assembled dry with interlocking joints. A cutter or a hot blade can help in case you want to create holes or grooves for implants. The advantages that follow this technology are innumerable: certainly the reduced construction phases, which incorporate the closing wall and the thermal insulation of the wall in a single realization of the load-bearing structure. Another advantage is the excellent thermal performance, the absence of thermal bridges, the economic savings, requiring very short construction times, living comfort and durability, with reduced maintenance costs.