thermal insulation system
thermal insulation system

Bio-KP is a thermal insulation system proposed by the Bioisotherm company, which is used as a facade cladding during renovation and as an external cladding for new construction facades. The main purpose is to increase thermal performance, reducing energy consumption resulting from heating, and eliminate inconveniences such as the formation of mold or condensation, thus improving living comfort.

The Bio-KP system is made up of insulating sheets in expanded polystyrene, standard or with the addition of graphite, with the various accessories for fixing the sheets, fiberglass mesh, smoothers and final coatings. The system can be used on any type of support, be it masonry, brick or concrete, and, paying attention to construction details, it can be laid on any shape or structure of the facade. The execution has reduced times, and is the best thermal insulation solution in the context of renovations. The system is tested, it guarantees high performance thanks to both the use of high quality products and the experience of the company gained over the years.