gypsum fiber boards
gypsum fiber boards

BioGips, system of the Bioisotherm company, is a system made up of gypsum fiber boards, with relative accessories, to create self-supporting dividing walls, counter walls and false ceilings.

The prefabricated slabs of the BioGips system are composed of fiber-reinforced ceramic plaster, 25 mm thick and 120x70cm or 120x60cm in size. The sheets are available in standard or water-repellent version, Hydro version. The latter is obtained through integration with water-repellent additive mixtures, a sheet particularly useful in the case of use in humid environments, such as bathrooms, kitchens or cellars. The slabs are tested to withstand loads of up to 60 kg, are highly impact resistant, and are particularly useful as partitions between rooms for different purposes. The thermal, acoustic and fire characteristics of the BioGips partitions and counter walls are excellent.