Bistro of the " NuvolaLavazza". An open space that redefines the concept of the company canteen

The Bistro inside the iconic "  NuvolaLavazza" is a space inspired by the concept of Slow Food, to experience the meal as quality time, thanks to the good food and relaxed atmosphere created in terms of acoustic comfort with Lignotrend sound absorbing panels

In spring 2018 the " NuvolaLavazza" designed by CinoZucchi opened its doors, a building called this way because of its harmonious shapes and its ability to "change shape" according to the function it houses, just like a cloud can do

The design of the building, which is to be an incubator for innovation and ideas, is based on sustainable development with respect for the environment and the quest for the comfort of the people it will host. The respect for the environment in the project is also reinforced in the desire to preserve the ruins of the early Christian basilica on which the building stands, creating a large square that contains the archaeological area open to the public

The building, which has a size of 30.000 square meters, is divided into several areas with different uses: Lavazza company offices, interactive coffee museum, space for events and exhibitions, headquarters of the Institute of Applied Arts and Design (IAAD) and an innovative bistro. And it is precisely on the bistro that we will focus our attention on. The bistro was created to revisit the concept of a company canteen that becomes open to the public, a space where Lavazza employees can have their meals while sitting next to IAAD students or residents of the neighbourhood

The concept that inspired the design of the space is "food as the engine of sociality and community building", inspired by the Slow Food philosophy. The menus were rigorously selected with a special focus on the quality of the food and the nutritional component that places the person at the center. Designed by Rgastudio (Interior design) and CZA CinoZucchiArchitetti (Architect), the restaurant can accommodate up to 280 people and is located on the first and second floor of the "La Centrale" building. From the lobby on the ground floor, guests can reach the seating areas and self-service areas on the first floor and from there (one level higher), there is a quieter and more private seating area

The refined design and the light and bright colours still maintain the industrial character of the building and yet create a familiar atmosphere. The ceiling surfaces covered with Lignotrend'sLignoAkustik Light panels made of silver fir wood with a grain enhanced by the application of a white finish contribute to the design of the room and make it acoustically comfortable

The noises that occur in the two-storey dining room are reduced to a comfortable level by acoustically effective surfaces in the frequency spectrum over a wide bandwidth range, reaching absorption coefficients of up to 0.90 αW. Awarded with the "natureplus" label, Lignotrend elements also offer the highest quality of sustainability and building safety, in line with the philosophy of the entire LEED-certified conversion, i.e. creating a sustainable building that respects people and the environment