Caberlon Caroppi

Via Scipione Piattoli, 7 - 20127 MILANO - tel +39.02.2871216

With over 170 projects around the world, the storytelling of CaberlonCaroppi always manages to amaze. It starts from the location, getting to know the genius loci of each structure in order to catch its soul and infuse it into the project. This is how architects Chiara Caberlon and Ermanno Caroppi talk about the design spirit of Caberloncaroppi Italian Touch Architects. An associate studio founded in 2004, Caberloncaroppi aims to develop new, tailor-made, hospitality concepts in all categories of the hotel industry, (ranging from historic and business hotels to resorts and lodging) always revealing its eclectic identity while in search of new stimuli.

The architectural design is the starting point, ranging from the study of the space to the analysis of customers and their habits. All these elements contribute to the creation of a functional layout that best reflects the needs of the client, while still maintaining a strong link with local traditions. The professionalism of the design combines with Caberloncaroppi's tailored approach, reflected in the design of custom furniture.