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Made in Italy since 1963
CELENIT S.p.a. has been producing thermal and acoustic insulating panels for building and interior architecture for over 50 years. CELENIT's products are the result of research carried out in collaboration with leading university institutions in order to identify increasingly high-performance and certified technical solutions.For CELENIT, quality means taking care of the environment around us: the wood comes from well-managed forests (PEFC™ and FSC® certified), recycled material is used to make the product, such as calcium carbonate, which is the residual dust from marble processing and raw materials are supplied from sources close to the production plant. ANAB-ICEA and natureplus certifications certify that the products are neither harmful to human health nor dangerous to the environment and the production process results in reduced emissions into the atmosphere and lower energy consumption. The designer, company, retailer or customer who chooses CELENIT products is making the right choice and can count on the support of a company that for over 50 years has been committed to combining technical research with the well-being of people and nature.

What is CELENIT?
CELENIT is made up of spruce fibres that are mineralized and bound with portland cement. The cellular structure of the wood gives the panel insulation, lightness, elasticity, and the physical characteristics of CELENIT such as transpirability, thermal storage capacity and ability to regulate ambient humidity ensure maximum living comfort.

Comprehensive redevelopment solutions
CELENIT panels provide insulation solutions for the building industry that guarantee environmentally friendly thermal-acoustic insulation solutions aimed at improving the internal conditions of our buildings. Wood and cement panels were the first industrial insulators to be used in the building industry and their versatility allows them to be used in many diverse ways: insulating concrete castings, insulating floors, forming roof boards, internal and external cladding, creating lightweight walls and soundproofing between floors and between adjacent rooms. In addition, CELENIT has developed specific solutions for the redevelopment of existing buildings concerning roofs, perimeter walls, partition walls and floors. CELENIT solutions are not only technically very valid, but they are also of limited impact on the inhabited areas and make it possible to limit as much as possible the inconvenience of conventional renovation.


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External coat in Celenit wood wool panels
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