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The German company CWA produces since 1994 insulation in cellulose flakes with the climacell® brand. The raw material of this thermo-acoustic insulation is pure paper newspapers returned directly from newsstands. The versatility of possible applications and a complete living comfort, summer and winter thermal, distinguishes this solution. There is also talk of acoustic comfort, hygroscopic, able to buffer excessive humidity. Climacell® cellulose retains all the characteristics of wood: capillarity, transpiration, perfect management of moisture, high mass. The soft insulation, made fireproof by special features, fills the insulated space with perfect adherence, giving a decisive contribution to air tightness. In Italy, climacell® has been recognized as a market leader for more than 10 years and has a network of trained layers according to the climacell® laying protocols entrusted to Christine Schneider (Abitare Sano System).

Usable in the interspace, in the attic (walkable or not) or as internal insulation in environments where there is no cavity; in new constructions and to be modernized also by living there (particularly suitable for isolating a single apartment). The cellulose is laid using a special machine that transports it with special pipes even at very high levels to be blown through small holes, immediately covered so as to leave no trace of intervention.

Transparency and substance
A complete declaration of raw materials, analysis in external laboratories, verified energy-saving measures translate into certificates according to the strictest protocols to give security to the end user (eg class A + emissions, EPD, 100% production from water sources ... ).

Company mission
Providing a product with top technical performance combined with environmental sustainability and healthiness is the challenge to which climacell has been able to give the effective formula.

Seminar archive

Systems and techniques for architectural recovery
20 Nov 2019 | 17.00 - 19.00

Systems and techniques for architectural recovery. (High performance insulation with cellulose flakes)

Partner: Climacell