Corporate building made of LignoAlp wood structure
Company Structures

The construction of corporate buildings is a separate building type and subject to specific regulations. You cannot simplify in a single category since the project must always respond to specific needs of the user, the type of work that takes place within it and the type of usability. The same applies to the project in its envelope, which is the part that often represents the company and must be thought of for its image and express its philosophy. Due to its high versatility it is possible to create more surprising architectures, and therefore to obtain a stronger visual and communicative impact, which moreover evoke a philosophy aimed at attention. For this reason, the construction of wooden corporate buildings is widely used and many designers propose it as an alternative to traditional constructions.

In the design of corporate buildings we think a lot about the visual and communicative impact. In the construction of the Damiani-Holz & KO building in Bressanone, the great flexibility in the use of wood is highlighted in a playful way, through the creation of a wavy facade. In addition to this, there are different construction solutions such as external load-bearing walls with a frame system, stairwell and lift with x-lam multi-layer plywood panels.
In the 00Gate-Green Data Center, located in the province of Bologna, a company headquarters has been set up to perfectly harmonize energy consumption and environmental impact. The building was built in wood based on the principle of zero emissions, through the use of load-bearing walls and a well-insulated structure. From an architectural point of view, the alignment of the external walls at constant intervals exudes a sense of calmness.
The other site of Damiani-Holz & KO, located in Nova Ponente, is an extension of the existing site to create a reception area for customers. The primary structure of the company was built with RC walls on the ground floor and steel columns with a round section, although the wooden elements are the protagonists.