Render De Faveri DF-VMC system for Controlled Mechanical Ventilation
Controlled Mechanical Ventilation

The DF-VMC - Controlled Mechanical Ventilation system can be used on any type of frame, on the roller shutter, on the sunshade, on the technical awning, on the system for shutters or on the subframe. It is properly insulated and can be integrated under the retractable window sill, a method used above all in renovations to avoid reducing architectural lights or it can be applied to the side of the window hole. The system consists of a container, the Df-Box, made of 0.037 W/m²k high-density lambda insulation material, sized to contain the various Vmc/Extractor/Air-Filter systems.

The internal part, finished by an extruded aluminium profile, makes it possible to have a wall or raised Cover. The system works with the intake of fresh air from the outside, which is filtered and heated before it is introduced into the environment, through the expulsion of the stale internal air. The system uses an "Entalpic" heat exchanger. It is equipped with two temperature sensors and a Relative Humidity sensor that optimize the performance of the machine in relation to environmental conditions. The Df Air-Filter system controls and filters the air before it is introduced into the environment. In addition, the centrifugal type Dx Extractor ventilator ensures an important, controllable and constant air volume and a low noise level.