Pagliare, 64020 TE, Italia

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The company Cordivari Srl, one of the largest Italian industrial realities in the hydro-thermo-sanitary sector, was founded by Ercole Cordivari in 1972, and is specialized in the production of furnishing radiators, towel warmers, boliers and thermal accumulators, dying thermal systems , boilers and accumulators, water collection and purification systems, smoke systems, food containers. An efficient and economical production structure, the Cordivari company is a top company, oriented towards technological innovation.

Quality and innovation
Today the Cordivari brand is an expression of comfort, quality and innovation all over the world, providing its solutions in every corner of the planet. The technological, ergonomic, environmental and logistic choices operate in respect of man and the environment, to offer its customers reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions.

Comfort and regulations
The company's mission is to constantly improve the comfort of living spaces, in compliance with current regulations and to fully satisfy its customers, partners and employees, working in safety and respecting the environment.