Wooden structures
Wooden structures
Big Structures

The company Costantini Legno has many years of experience in the construction of large structures, in the commercial, sports and industrial fields, as well as in the realization of places of worship. Laminated wood is the material that best responds to these needs, with fire-fighting and anti-seismic characteristics. 

Laminated wood is obtained by gluing wooden boards, ideal for covering large lights. The lightness of the wood, the ease of use and assembly, the ease of processing and the economy in transport, together with the aesthetic beauty, are the innumerable qualities that accompany the use of this material. Thanks to the company’s industrialised system, the basic qualities of wood undergo further improvements, such as the elimination of microscopic defects. Rigorous treatments in the production process increase the durability and resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents of wood, as well as its fire resistance. The uses of lamelalre wood are many and its low specific weight, one fifth of that of cement, makes us understand how this material is light, lightness that is clearly reflected on the aesthetic result.