Wooden cover
Wooden cover

In the construction of roofs, it is important to keep in mind the high aesthetic and functional value of wooden roofing. The wooden cover is natural, insulated, lightweight and has a great aesthetic impact. In particular, the covers proposed by the firm Constantine give the house elegance, uniqueness and prestige with a total freedom of customization. 

Wood has an excellent insulation capacity and, avoiding the creation of thermal bridges, does not promote the creation of condensation or dispersions, significantly improving housing comfort and energy performance of the structure. The ventilated roof, combining the advantages of a wooden structure with the presence of a ventilation chamber, is a system that allows to achieve high performances of housing comfort and energy saving. In fact, while in summer the ventilation chamber allows the disposal of the accumulated heat for solar irradiation, in winter the current allows to keep the thermal insulation dry, avoiding condensation or mold. In addition to the many advantages related to energy performance and comfort, the wooden roof has an attractive design, able to give an added value to the structure, with the possibility of being customized.