Wooden Houses

The wooden houses proposed by the firm Constantine guarantee comfort and warmth thanks to the characteristics of the same wood material. Made to measure for every customer, the houses combine architectural versatility and skills acquired over thirty years of experience. Custom design manifests the spirit of customers, who are followed step by step in the realization of their own home.

The prefabricated wooden houses have structural solidity and accurate details, the result of a careful design phase, which analyses every detail, both architectural and structural. The energy efficiency is excellent: the wood retains the heat inside during the winter periods, while it does not allow the entry of heat inside during the summer periods. Thanks to the high thermal insulation values, heating costs are 40-50% lower than in concrete or masonry constructions. In general, the costs of the house are determined in the phase of planning, without variations in course of work: the production process is carried out entirely in the company, and the yard is reserved only the phase of assembly, in which they can be employed from 2 to 4 months. The walls, being made of wood, an already insulating material, are slimmer than those of traditional constructions, allow to have a larger habitable surface. Respectful of regulations and the environment, the company’s products only stand extremely reliable and guarantors of high quality.