From residential wall coverings to ventilated facades, from small to large formats, our solutions perfectly combine aesthetics with functionality.

Formats, decorations, and colors are all devoted to creativity and maximum personalization of contemporary spaces. The results obtained with ceramic and porcelain tiles are the expression of personalization and creativity, defining rooms that reflect our own taste, including the desire to add a touch of color and bring a spark to the spaces of everyday life. The effects of porcelain stoneware materials and colors also allow to highlight details, corners, and create new “spotlights”, thanks to the reflections and sparkle of the tiles.

Iris Ceramica materials are the latest stage of evolution in technical ceramic’s aesthetics and are easy to clean, extremely hygienic, and do not need the level of maintenance required by more delicate products.

The expressive strength of Iris Ceramica’s porcelain stoneware and semigres wall covering collections is in the bright colors as well as the great versatility. The lively and cosmopolitan coverings are suitable for every environment – private homes, hotels, bars, restaurants – and have the ability to capture the eye and at the same time bring a distinctive and elegant character, thanks to hundreds of different products and colors.

The Blaze, Lol, Litt Wood, Wheat and many other collections are the expression of the know-how of Italian artisanal ceramics, which has defined Iris Ceramica since it was founded, in the 60s.