David Hertz Architects Inc FAIA

57 Market St. Venice Beach, Ca 90291, Stati Uniti

The work of David Hertz Architects Inc FAIA, & SEA focuses on the design and construction of eco-sustainable residential and commercial buildings and engaging in multiple aspects of design, including product design, furniture design, public sculpture, environmental consulting, as well as research and development of efficient ecological building products. In 1983 Hertz founded Syndesis Inc and invented the process of producing materials from Syndecrete®, the innovative prefabricated lightweight concrete cladding material. Hertz sold the technology in 2006. The evolution from a generalist nature of practice to a more specific study has allowed a complete understanding of the solution of creative problems and the possibility of visualizing design challenges from multiple perspectives simultaneously. David Hertz FAIA Architects and S. E. A. is a small studio dedicated to green design and construction, which employs about 10 people. Each architectural project aims to present, through multiple design iterations, works made in a definitive and unique way due to the specificity of the site, the needs of the client and the budget, while creating inventive and lasting architectural works. S. E. A. has particular interest and experience in using innovative and unusual materials to create harmonious compositions of textures and shapes. The juxtaposition of concrete, glass and wood materials maximizes the honest expression of structure and materials. The liberation of space and the destruction of the box are often progenitors of form, with the result of dramatic and contemplative spaces that offer refuge and spirit