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Innovative Materials and Energy Saving
Deltacalor is strongly characterized by a 360° approach that incorporates technology, functionality and aesthetics combined with constant research and development on materials, shapes, finishes and manufacturing processes. Founded in the mid-nineties, with an artisan production of traditional steel towel warmers, in 2002 it became an avant-garde industrial company. They are not only heaters, but products that express an innate attitude in seeking the best expression to ensure comfort and well-being, at the service of man. Maximum functionality, high energy saving, easy installation, high quality are the advantages of a production capable of satisfying and predicting the needs of designers, architects, installers and end consumers.

Technology and Design
Made in Italy quality, exclusive technologies, trendy design for a warmth at the service of man and his emotions, are what distinguishes the company. Its mission is to produce and market technologically innovative radiators, towel warmers and designs to meet the needs of the customer in a new way, ensuring maximum quality and respect for the environment. To create products for domestic comfort with a high technological content and design. The existing synergies with other companies of the group, all mainly engaged in research and development of exclusive and high-tech products, give the company a strong spirit of innovation. The company's experience and competence has developed a strong customer-oriented know-how that meets the demands of the market while maintaining a high standard of quality and a high degree of flexibility.


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