Brem electric design heated towel rail
Design electric towel warmer | Brem

The Electric Heaters are designed for a conscious eco-sustainable solution, in addition to their ease of use, they are independent of the general system, which is why they are very functional in the bathroom. In addition to being elements of design, which complete the furniture, they have the function of providing support. They can also be connected to the home automation system of the house, making their use even more flexible.

The Cross line is characterized by rectangular tubes that create overlapping geometric shapes, like a game of pictures. The Lame line is composed of rectangular tubes joined by round tubes, which come together, in different designs. The elements of the heater divide the air like blades, they come together in a varied and light way to build a new heating shape, which differs from all and which, once again gives life to a modern sculpture of furniture. The Piastre are real heating surfaces that can be made without cracks of any kind or composed of a single "radiant bar" where the needs of space impose to exploit every inch. For those looking for a creative and unusual alternative in the usual lines of the bathroom, the Tubi Fini Line is a solution that furnishes, mixing the different dimensions of the tubes with the horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines, as well as the wide range of colours.