dmvA architecten

Drabstraat 10, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium

David Driesen and Tom Verschueren mutual passion for architecture led to dmvA, ‘door middel van Architectuur’ (‘by means of Architecture’). A noble goal to provide a critical answer using architecture to respond to social, economic and collective matters. The creative process doesn’t follow a manifesto, but it is expressed through experimenting in architecture: A research on form, material and sustainability… Architecture that always starts with a question, a context and a budget. The work of dmvA can be described as expressive and meticulous, achieving maximalism through minimalism. It also entails dedication to refined details and materiality. By claiming to have no defined style, the entire range of styles is in fact appropriated. This attitude eliminates all conformity restrictions and at the same time makes a statement that timeless architecture doesn’t exist. dmvA focuses on the design process and is always looking for the architectural added value while designing