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The company Domal has been supporting its customers for over 40 years, promoting aluminum doors and windows for the home: Dom as domus and Al as aluminum. Comfortable, efficient and sustainable doors and windows are offered and are constantly looking for excellence. The collaboration with Hydro Building System, a global leader in the world of aluminium, with headquarters in Norway, enables the Domal company to provide aluminium or wood/aluminium solutions in Italy that can be adapted to any living environment, to be created from scratch or subject to renovation.

Thermal Comfort and Energy Saving
The thermal insulation of the windows is guaranteed thanks to the technology of thermal break combined with glass of different thicknesses. Moreover, thanks to the reduced dimensions of the profiles, the larger glass surfaces permit a greater supply of natural light and a high energy saving.

Respect for the environment
Aluminium is the sustainable material par excellence: about 75% of aluminium has been used since its inception and can be reused indefinitely, while retaining its mechanical characteristics and qualities.

Acoustic Insulation
Domal windows and doors also address the issue of noise pollution, guaranteeing a high level of acoustic comfort in your home, even in the city, significantly improving the quality of your life.


Domal external and glazed continuous pergola between inside and outdoor
12 Nov 2019 | 17.00 - 19.00

Architectural project and outdoor spaces. Pergolas and aluminum systems between design and sustainability

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