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eT srl's commercial philosophy is centred on the customer and their needs, from design to installation and maintenance. Great attention is paid to the technical-commercial training of employees and also to the dissemination to the community (meetings with local authorities, schools, etc..) of the benefits arising from these new technologies. Thanks to the many references, in Italy and abroad, the Company guarantees the validity of the e-transfer solution, from the small installation to the large system.

Renewable Energies
In recent years, the growing sensitivity towards the aspects of eco-compatibility and eco-sustainability, in addition to the sharp price increases that have characterized the oil markets and fossil fuels in general, has led significantly towards the search for alternative solutions that can exploit the "sources of renewable energy" (solar, wind, hydro, geothermal). In this context and to respond in an innovative way to this need, e-transfer was established in 2003. The company's mission is precisely to promote innovative energies, also through actions of cultural dissemination, through the production of systems for heating, air conditioning, the production of domestic hot water and the production of mixed system electricity, taking full advantage of all renewable sources available on the site of installation.

Patents and Geothermal Energy
Created from the fusion of the experience of a team of engineers working in the energy and refrigeration sectors, e-transfer gives a great boost to the Research and Development department. A true engineering forge. The e-transfer research laboratory studies and develops innovative solutions on a daily basis to provide cutting-edge systems, among which, an important role is played by geothermal heat pumps, which were the first major accomplishment for the definition of a patent for the production of domestic hot water at low temperature through a geothermal heat pump capable of eliminating the risk of contamination. From here eT srl designs, produces and markets with the e-transfer brand energy transfer systems for the full exploitation of heat exchange with the natural resources present in the installation site, from the ground, to water, air and sun. A close-knit team operates in the plants in the province of Vicenza, which, thanks to their professionalism, experience and flexibility, the optimization of the production cycle is guaranteed.


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Renewable energy and geothermal energy for spa, hotels and wellness centers

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07 Nov 2018 | 17:00 - 19:00

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