Elisabetta de Strobel Interior Designer

Born in Rome, in the Italian capital par excellence, Elisabetta de Strobel is an international interior designer and art director. Interior, Product Concept and Exhibition Design, but not only ... Since 2010 Elisabetta has been an honorary member of the Italian Interior Designers Association (AIPi) and in 2015 she was appointed Italian delegate of AIPi on the executive Board of ECIA, European Council of Interior Architects. A careful study of markets and trends, to anticipate them and to strategically promote brands in the target audience and in the reference sectors. There are numerous collaborations with Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Oman, Germany and the United States. Not only interior design in a pure sense, in 1994 he founded Terzomillennium in Verona, a communication agency in which Elisabetta de Strobel deals with communication and positioning of companies. For several years, he has collaborated in editorial with important newspapers in the field of design and trends, such as Architectural Digest, Casa Vogue and Interni. Search, explore and inspire. Precisely from this, another passion was born in Elisabetta, territorial marketing, which led her to work with business networks and to want to create a well-defined image and identity of Verona as an international smart land business model. The intelligent city is precisely the fundamental concept on which the To Be Verona project is based, of which Elisabetta de Strobel has been Project Manager and promoter for over 6 years. Innovation, business, enhancement of talents and cultural human resources must be the new development engine from which to launch the image of Verona in the eyes of Italian and foreign investors. Style notes but also ideas, images, stimuli and experiments, here Elisabetta de Strobel tells her story