Elisabetta Motta


Studio "e.a.m."
architect owner
January 1998 - Present
Elisabetta Motta started her studies at the Architecture University of Venice
where she received the diploma in 1994. The work of “E.a.m.” studio arises
essentially from the acquired experience of more the 20 years of work in the
planning and reconstruction sector of civil buildings both private and public at
national level and at a international level.
The projects that come from “E.a.m.” Studio are architectural “journeys”
imagined to involve the senses in a global way. Creating emotions, stimulating
the interiority of the purchaser carrying him to a fascinating dimension, far
away from the normal experiences.
Lots have been the concepts and the realisations of interior design in relation
to hotels, hotels-condominium, resorts, spa and private residences.
“Strategy- aesthetic- function”: this is the mission of “E.a.m.”. The result is
without any doubt what can be defined a “trip in the harmony of things” far
away from any stereotypes.
Elisabetta Architect Motta

Università IUAV di Venezia
Architect, architectural restoration and interior design · (1987 - 1994)

Istituto Tecnico per il Turismo
Perito Tecnico per il Turismo · (1981 - 1986)


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