Building facade covered with Equitone Pictura fiber cement panels
Building facade covered with Equitone Pictura fiber cement panels
Anti-scratch painted panel with smooth surface

EQUITONE is a line of ecological fibre cement sheets for the construction of ventilated facades and for the covering of new buildings or renovations. Their great versatility is due to the fact that they require minimal maintenance over time and are optimally resistant to the effects of atmospheric agents and pollutants.

The EQUITONE [pictura] line in particular is one of the most resistant to external agents; in fact, the panels are externally painted with a smooth, matt finish with a double layer of acrylic paint and a top-coat UV-cured paint layer. The rear part is coated with a transparent protective paint. The panels treated in this way can be used in roofing and are also resistant to the accumulation of dust layers. Thanks to its special anti-graffiti treatment and the wide range of colours available, the pictura panel is ideal for public or private buildings, such as schools, gyms, hospitals and shopping centres. EQUITONE [pictura] is available in 20 basic colours plus others upon specific request. The panel has a width of 1250 mm, a length of 2500/3100 mm and a thickness of 8/12 mm.