Facade Opera by Erl covered with Equitone Natura fiber cement panels
Facade Opera by Erl covered with Equitone Natura fiber cement panels
Panel with a semi-transparent coloured surface coating

EQUITONE slabs are ideal for ventilated façades in large buildings, for new constructions and redevelopments. In fact, they require minimal maintenance over time and are optimally resistant to the effects of atmospheric agents and pollutants. The main characteristics of this product are: aesthetic and architectural quality, high energy saving, durability, mechanical resistance and fire resistance.

EQUITONE [natura] is an ecological fibre cement panel with a mass-coloured base and a semi-transparent coloured surface coating. The semi-transparent coating that allows the fibres of the cement to be seen gives the slab a natural effect and guarantees elegance and refinement. As mentioned above, the finished panel is very resistant to humidity and UV rays, even the rear part is in fact a transparent protective paint. EQUITONE [natura] also offers designers a "pro" version that can be used on the roof as well as on the facade thanks to a special treatment during production. EQUITONE [natura] is available in over 25 colours (some colours are also available in bulk). The sheet has a width of 1250 mm, a length of 2500/3100 mm for a thickness of 8/12 mm, it is also important to know that it can be cut and perforated to suit different needs.