ES arch - Enrico Scaramellini Architetto

Via Emet, 7, 23024 Madesimo SO, Italia

The ES-arch enricoscaramelliniaretto study operates within a specific territorial, cultural and architectural context. The Alpine territory, as an extreme landscape, by its very nature, in its "uses and customs" is its natural terrain of comparison. The orographic and landscape aspects that define a highly characterized field of intervention are extreme; extremes are the "materials", human and otherwise, with which it dialogues daily; extremes are the imaginaries of tourism that transform and annihilate the memory of how places live; extremes are the "domestic landscapes" used with different frequencies. The areas of comparison, usually marginal, of small size and "extremely" fragile, induce a markedly high level of attention; each project is a moment of confrontation with simply complex problems, induced by the elements belonging to the state of places and others grafted by the design process. The lateral condition allows the uncontaminated insertion of the study into wider design processes; in a collaborative spirit of sharing design intent, he has collaborated on various projects in different geographical areas (eg Milan, Pavia, Shanghai). The work team was born and renewed by the convergence of the research carried out within the Milan Polytechnic and the development of professional projects at different scales. The construction of "atmospheres", the ability to induce "amazement" and generate surprise, through the use of "customary" materials is the goal of all projects, beyond the dimension; maintaining, at all times, the desire to "look around"