Tiburtina station with URSA XPS extruded polystyrene panels
Extruded polystyrene panels | URSA XPS

URSA XPS is the product range of extruded polystyrene thermal insulation panels. URSA XPS combines excellent thermal performance with characteristics particularly suitable for insulating structures where high mechanical resistance is required. With URSA XPS it is possible to insulate slabs and floors, even those that are particularly heavily subjected to wearing, without reducing the product's efficiency values. In addition, its water-tightness ensures an excellent sealing in case of humidity or water infiltration from the ground.

URSA NIII E is used for the extrados of pitched roofs and for the gaps in the perimeter walls. URSA NIII EI is used in perimeter walls and in air gaps. URSA NIII I is used for radiant floors and underfloor heating. URSA NIII L is used on the extrados of flat roofs. URSA MAK3 is suitable for flat and sloping roofs, floors and walls in contact with the ground. URSA PLUS and URSA PLUS MAK are used in perimeter walls, in external insulation ( cladding ), in walls in contact with the ground and for thermal bridges. URSA NR is designed for flat roofs (hot flat roofs) to be coupled with bituminous membranes. URSA NR PLASTER is used in walls, to be coupled with coated gypsum slabs. URSA NV L and URSA NVII L are suitable for thermal insulation of flat roofs such as inverted roofs, garden roofs, drive-on roofs and thermal insulation below drive-on floors.