Fall prevention systems
Fall prevention systems | Rothoblaas

The fall arrest systems have life lines which can be more or less extended and which can also be applied directly to different types of structure (concrete or steel), capable of avoiding thermal bridges and respecting waterproofing. There are countless components of the lifeline, terminals, angular or intermediate through, anchoring devices, as well as different anchor points, according to the needs, for steel structures, for small structures, on trapezoidal sheet metal roofs and more. In addition to the lifeline, Rothoblaas as a fall arrest system also offers a series of parapets, fixed or supporting ladders, with relative hooks to the wall or sloping roofs, gangways or protective nets fall arrest and all fixing systems. There is no shortage of various basic or professional kits for the construction site, based on the work, helmets, harnesses, ropes, fall arrest devices, eye and ear protection.