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Steel and glass curtain walls and stairs are the most recognizable products of Faraone Srl

One of the first in Italy to combine the innovative technology of precise fixing of glass, the company is now a leader in the field.

A position that has now been strengthened through continuous investment in technological research, development of the product range and special attention to services with a philosophy of "total quality". Passion, continuity and professionalism are the basis of the Faraone philosophy offered to its partners.

Not only external coverings but also partitions, doors, canopies, coverings and sculptures for urban furnishing. Not only staircases for interiors but also a wide range of railings and balustrades.

For each of these elements that make up the Faraone System, design plays a major role.


Peace Bridge in Georgia

Bridge of Peace in Tiblisi. Symbolic architecture to connect Territory and Society

In Tbilisi, Georgia, Architect Michele de Lucchi has designed a bridge with parabolic curves that connects the two districts, the historic centre to the west and the park to the east, previously divided by the Mtkvari River

Historic building in Lecce restored

Restoration of historic building in Lecce. Glass panels lighten the elevations

The structure of the famous historical building "Il Sedile" built in Lecce in 1592 on the instructions of the then Venetian mayor Pietro Mocenigo, is the subject of an operation of lightening thanks to the replacement of framed windows

Glass staircase with python inserts

Glass and snakeskin staircase in New York. The new Cavalli Flagship is covered in "glass"

The new Cavalli store in Brooklin has been opened with its animal prints and fabrics, the glass staircase is the main connecting element, but thanks to the transparency of the glass, it integrates perfectly with the surroundings

Wooden and glass shelter

Refuge in Trentino. Glazed facades to blend in with the landscape

Glass, wood, stone and metal are the components of this refuge at the Tonale Pass. A complete integration with its natural surroundings, thanks to the transparency and reflection of glass

golden organic scale

A " customized " staircase. Organic design combining Gold and Transparency

Made in Italy luxury staircase for the Golden Staircase in 'Hotel Las Américas Golden Tower in Panama. Architect Carlos A. Ott designs the hotel and chooses Faraone for the construction of the staircase, which is a refined and original design object

illuminated medical center

Medical Centre in Ascoli. Glass openings for a futuristic experience, between suspended facades, LEDs and natural light

The new Multispecialist medical centre " Health and Wellness Forum" is built in Porto d'Ascoli, a modern architecture, where the theme of light becomes central to a new concept of hospitality, especially thanks to the use of modern technologies


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