Render Faraone transparent glass shelter
Render Faraone transparent glass shelter
Glass canopies

Design meets functionality to create aesthetic solutions capable of generating strong emotions. Progetto Linea are the canopies that Pharaoh proposes. Their strengths are the high quality, the extreme solidity and flexibility, which represent the characteristics suitable to meet the needs of each customer. The shelters are available in different sizes and variants, for example, it is possible to create a silkscreen customization. All glasses are tempered, laminated and combined with accessories in aluminum and/ or stainless steel AISI 316. Maximum attention to safety.

Linea, has a minimal design with high architectural integration.  The Linea System is can be a roof or sun shade. Linea Mini, designed for glass with a projection of up to 100 cm and no length limits. ideal for entrances, to use sunshades, to get more protection for your windows.  Linea maxi is designed for glass with a projection of up to 150 cm and without limits of length (with side-by-side glasses) for those who want to dare with the projections. Then there is the Speciali line, which allows to design roof systems out of the normal standard.