Faraone glass balustrade
Faraone glass balustrade
Glass railings

Depending on the intended use, Faraone offers a wide range of balustrades: aluminium and glass balustrades, Progetto Ninfa | Progetto Maior | Progetto Alba; steel balustrades, Minerva | Atena | Yuma Iris | Penta | Alu Pass | Sky | Sky-B. Resistances +500 Kg/m | Resistances +300 Kg/m | Resistances + 200 Kg/m.

Progetto Ninfa, the fourth generation developed from the experience of more than 300,000 meters of NINFA installed in 2009 to date with the utmost satisfaction of customers and installers. Progetto Maior, Faraone presents the Maior Colors, a range of aluminium and glass parapets that not only provide vacuum protection in total safety, but also convey excitement through transparency and colour. Progetto Alba is minimalist and makes the environment simple and essential. Its design enchants and enhances the spaces that welcome it. Faraone also offers a series of accessories and components for railings made of aisi 304 and aisi 316 stainless steel, some of which are for stainless steel/glass combinations. 

Designer: Nino Faraone | Matteo Paolini | Roberto Volpe | Fabrizio Zepponi