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Ferrari Green Energy is an energy services company of the Energy Service Company type (esco) which, after being accredited to the Authority for Electricity and Gas (AEEG), is working in all fields on energy efficiency issues, both for own works and for third parties, with private and public clients.

Private and public sector
Ferrari Green Energy provides services related to energy efficiency works in the private and public sector. It operates in the energy sector independently and can therefore choose according to the needs of the customer the best supplier of electricity and gas, constantly monitoring the national and European market.

Efficiency and reliability
The national and European energy efficiency programme obliges contractors who want to carry out energy efficiency projects to consult reliable companies from the financial point of view in order to achieve and complete the project. Ferrari Green Energy uses and advises the most advanced technologies to achieve the desired energy efficiency levels.

White Certificates and Energy Audits
To date Ferrari Green Energy has presented more than 900 projects for obtaining energy efficiency certificates (white certificates) and has developed more than 100 energy audits in private companies for the evaluation of interventions aimed at the energy efficiency of buildings and production facilities.

Energy Service Company (esco)
The Energy Service Company (esco) like Ferrari Green Energy provide a service at no cost because it personally covers the investment costs and are repaid through the partial or total disposal of the energy savings obtained.

Production capacity and energy efficiency
The mechanism of Unesco is widely supported by the European Community because, in the first place, these companies rely on their capacity to make the production system efficient and, Secondly, they can take responsibility for energy efficiency, reducing the problem of the availability of large amounts of capital or the lack of knowledge of the technologies best suited to solving the problem.

Seminar archive

High energy efficiency systems and systems
25 Jan 2018 | 15.00 - 17.00

High energy efficiency systems and systems. Systems aimed at energy management

Partner: Ferrari Green Energy, De Faveri, Herz
Raising and extension of existing architectures
24 Jan 2018 | 15.00 - 17.00

Raising and extension of existing architectures

Partner: Ferrari Green Energy, Herz
22 May 2017 | 17:00 - 19:00

Renewable energy and low consumption plants in building recovery interventions

Partner: Ferrari Green Energy