Restoration of a historic building with Biocalce Ferri
Restoration of a historic building with Biocalce Ferri
Biocalce mortars, plasters and screeds | FerriBio

This line includes products made from natural hydraulic lime NHL 3.5 and bio-compatible substitute materials, creating a system suitable for achievements in bio-architecture and historical restoration. Thanks to the experimentation, Ferri can propose innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.

In the Biocalce Malte line there are products that are used for the construction of walls made of brick, blocks, stone, etc or for facing masonry and for the design of masonry vestments made of brick or natural stone. For the Biocalce Betoncini line there are specific structural mortars for breathable structural reinforcement, structural mortars used as reinforcement plaster/betoncino and mortars with fire resistance class A1. The Biocalce Plaster line includes plasters suitable for masonry with increasing humidity, breathable plasters for restoration, fibre-reinforced plasters, dehumidifying plasters. Biocalce adhesives and skimming plaster are used in the restoration of old buildings for the gluing of insulating panels and levelling with mesh. The BIO Screeds line is also suitable for the installation on radiant floor systems, thanks to its low inertia and high thermal conductivity.