Renovation of the Malenchini building with the FerriPROOF system
Renovation of the Malenchini building with the FerriPROOF system
Waterproofing System | FerriPROOF

Ferri has developed the "FerriPROOF" Waterproofing System, a set of innovative technical solutions through the use of newly developed materials that are more effective and easier to apply. The waterproofing agent is used to prevent water from passing through the underlying layers and is generally placed before the upper coating. The dynamic and physical loads to which the structures to be waterproofed are subjected mean that the waterproofing layer must have high performance characteristics, since not only must it guarantee waterproofing, but it must also increase the durability of the structure by supporting it with its deformations.

The system includes: One-component cementitious waterproofing based on Hydraulic Lime for waterproofing used as a cementitious waterproofing for the waterproofing of walls and floors of swimming pools, baths, showers or environments subject to high humidity; Osmotic quick-setting cements with pre-mixed mortars based on organic substances and special cements or based on Portland cement; Protective agent used to make facades water-repellent and protect building materials from rain; all the necessary Accessories such as polypropylene reinforcement mesh and glass fibre reinforcement mesh