Floors insulation

Floor insulation means both thermal and acoustic insulation. A cold floor is a floor that is either in direct contact with the ground or adjoining an unheated environment. The installation of over-all thermo-reflective insulation, before the screed or the background, allows to maintain in substance the temperature of the floor at the same value as that of the internal room. “trampling” means all those sources that act mechanically on the surface of a floor, causing the excitement and consequent irradiation of sound energy in the underlying environment, that is noise. Over-all thermo-reflective insulators, thanks to their dynamic rigidity, allow a high level of internal damping.

Over foil-BM is used for the thermo-acoustic insulation of slabs also interpose with radiant panel systems, complementary thermal insulation and perfect vapour barrier of cold floors or against the ground. Over-foil Super Strong is composed of a single bubble of inert air with very high weight in cohesive polyethylene, coupled on both sides to a protected pure aluminum foil. It is a perfect complement of thermal insulation and perfect barrier to steam in cold floors or against the ground, residential and industrial even with radiant panel systems. Can also be used for flat roofing.