Office made with Skydome Geoplast floor formwork
Floors, plastic systems

Geoplast invests a lot of time in finding more and more innovative solutions. To this end, Geoplast makes floor formworks that are a perfect combination of floor slabs with high performance and lightness.

The formworks for floors proposed by Geoplast are Nuovo Nautilus, Skydome, Airplast, Geosky and Skyrail. The pre-fabricated slabs and floors replace the old-fashioned polystyrene lighteners, considerably reducing the weight of the structure and providing numerous advantages in terms of seismic performance. Reducing the weight of the floor also has important advantages for beams, pillars and foundations. Geoplast floor formwork is made of polypropylene, which does not absorb water and does not release moisture over time, so that buildings remain dry and comfortable.