Francesco Paoletti


• From September 1994 to January 1995 he spent 5 months in the NEW firm
PIGNONE during the graduation thesis.
• From March 1995 to June 1995 five months at the Department of Energy
collaborating in the drafting of handouts for the Machines course.
• Subsequently he carried out design activities for thermal plants (Law 10/91).
• From March 1996 to June 1999 he collaborated with the company C.R.I.T. Srl
carrying out design activities of air conditioning and ventilation systems, plants
of heating, both civil and industrial, feasibility studies for plants of
cogeneration, energy check-ups, professional training.
• He currently works as a freelance in the field of design
plant engineering (heating, air conditioning, ventilation, sanitary systems) in
industrial and civil, fire safety, professional training,
technical advice.

Since 2008 he has been a thermotechnical consultant at the Global Radiatori company for the aspects involved
energy savings, efficiency of heating systems with particular regard
to the use of aluminum radiators.

• Scientific diploma in the year 1987 with 52/60 grades.
• Degree in Mechanical Engineering awarded on 02/02/1995 with 106/110 grades,
discussing an experimental thesis entitled: "STUDY OF A SYSTEM FOR CALIBRATION E
SUPERSONICI ", at the Department of Energy of the Faculty of Engineering of the
University of Florence, obtaining the highest marks for the Thesis
at this Faculty. The Thesis was prepared in collaboration with the company NEW
PIGNONE SPA of Florence. During the course of the work he acquired specific
experience on innovative measurement systems, such as Laser-Doppler anemometers, and on
data acquisition chains.


Fire Prevention Course (Article 1 Law 7 December 1984, No. 818, Article 5 Ministerial Decree 25 March
1985), held in Florence during the year 1999.
He is authorized to practice as an engineer and enrolled in the Order of Engineers
of the Province of Florence.
Specialist in energy certification of buildings and energy analysis, with numerous
energy performance certificates performed and registered with the bodies
competent for civil and industrial buildings.


16 Sep 2020 |

Untitled Seminario

Partner: Brem
25 Mar 2020 |

Untitled Seminario

Partner: Brem
Design radiators Tubes Caleido Brem Cordivari Deltacalor
14 Nov 2019 | 17.00 - 19.00

High performance and low consumption for Heating. Comparison technologies and systems

Partner: Caleido, Deltacalor, Tubes, Brem, Cordivari