Logo Granitech


Via Guido Reni 2, 42014 Castellarano RE, Italia

Granitech is a technical structure of the Iris Ceramica Group, which for 20 years has been providing solutions for architecture and engineering. In the world of construction, the company offers new technological solutions with porcelain stoneware slabs, with customized elevation projects, ventilated facades and raised floors.

Thanks to the installation of Granitech ventilated facades, both for new constructions and for renovations of existing buildings, there are countless advantages in terms of wall durability and energy efficiency, especially for particularly tall buildings.

Between the wall and the wall, an air chamber is created in the system of ventilated facades, which favors the so-called "chimney effect", thanks to which natural ventilation is triggered, which guarantees high living comfort. In addition to significant performance qualities, the system, by providing for the use of porcelain stoneware slabs on the facade, has a high aesthetic value, resulting in many aspects very advantageous compared to traditional masonry.

The advantages of the ventilated facade can be compared to those of thermal insulation, without the disadvantages of the latter, such as exposure to atmospheric agents, aeration of the insulation or deterioration of the finish over time.